Strategic Planning


“It’s not what you make, it’s what you get to keep!”

The essence of sound strategic financial planning is finding the best method to capture and preserve all possible gains that your investments can make.

Tax losses are a big part of what we protect against. But they are in no way the whole story.

Special strategies exist to facilitate:

Special Needs Planning
For disabled family members that will ensure that any government benefits are never endangered by gifting of funds to provide for their needs that government benefits can’t cover.

Long-Term Care and Medi-Cal services planning
For those who have not prepared to bear the burden of a long-term care event, it is this very kind of life event that can draw down any existing retirement resources to practically nil within a short time. Learn about strategies to protect your retirement assets from the high-cost of Long-Term Care needs, and/or you may qualify for public assistance without the need to impoverish your estate.

Estate planning
To ensure that the ravages of the probate process don’t decimate the value of an estate passing to the next generation.

Capital Gains Tax planning
Special strategies to defer gains made in the sale of highly appreciated assets, such as real estate holdings that need to be liquidated without losing ⅓ of your gains. This can allow the saved taxes to be reinvested and further compounded, thereby getting out of “The 1031 Exchange” trap.

Corporate Benefit Planning
Using maximum capability to save for the owners’ and officers’ retirement and maximize the tax benefits of owning a business.

Business Succession Planning
More often than than you would believe, business owners are the last one’s to save for their retirement. They’re the last to get paid and if there are profits to be taken, often they are simply reinvested back into the business. In many such cases the only real hope for retirement may be in the value of business they have built. Yet, without proper.

Business Succession Planning
The sale of a business has the potential to become an almost catastrophic tax event as well.

The Retirement Roadmap

For any individual, family, or business owner it all begins with our concierge  Retirement Roadmap Strategic Retirement Plan.
The overarching plan to get you to and through retirement which can discover the opportunity for other types of planning, if needed.