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Currently on Straight Talk Wealth Radio: Everyone wants to knows what the election of Donald Trump foretells about the economy and the markets. However, going just a little deeper, I’m
Why is my portfolio crashing? Why has this decade been so darn rough to grow any kind retirement fund at all? Well, there’s the Greek Crisis. Sure, okay. I guess
WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORTS – The International Monetary Fund pronounces, (despite their best efforts) that the world needs to brace for ANOTHER soon-to-come recession! WHAT? Haven’t the Central Banks of
Wall Street Journal Reports, “Home prices notched their strongest year-to-date gains since 2005, climbing 5.9% through July and signaling the housing market’s steady trudge toward recovery.” (Sept, 25, 2012) Could
General Motors’ employees have a problem. A BIG problem. Over 42,000 were notified before the beginning of the summer that GM’s promise to pay them a lifetime income upon retirement
Why NOT Gold? Broadcast Episode for KRLA 870AM Clearly, the world’s sovereign governments* are either bursting with debt now, or they are frantically absorbing the debt liabilities of their private
Once in a while we have a show that is so popular it deserves to be aired more than once. This is a Straight Talk Wealth Classic. This show features
Just your luck. You’ve been trying to save for retirement or just build wealth over the last 12 years, and you couldn’t have picked a worse time. Consider the challenges
How old will you live to be? That’s the million dollar question. With people living longer and the advances in medical technology, how can you plan your retirement and guarantee
Does it matter if our very monetary system is at risk? In this article I want to address an issue that I truly believe is the most important issue all