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John R. Talbott – Corruption Run Amuck and Nothing’s Changed!

His newest book, How I Predicted the Global Economic Crisis: The Most Amazing Book You’ll Never Read, is a great introduction to Talbott’s writings as it utilizes excerpts from his previous books as well as new exposition to demonstrate that this current economic crisis  was completely predictable, that it was avoidable and that it was not caused by normal business cycles or poor people trying to buy homes, but rather by an unethical and possibly criminal conspiracy of bankers, their lobbyists and corrupt politicians.

In the new book, Talbott examines why the doctrine of free markets works well for most industries, but fails miserably in the banking industry if left unregulated. And it shows that it makes little sense to attempt reform of Wall Street as long as the banking industry controls our congress through lobbying and campaign contributions.  If you don’t learn the real causes of our crisis it may end up costing you your job, your home, your savings and quite possibly, your country.

Formerly, an investment banker for Goldman Sachs and a Visiting Scholar at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, Talbott has since published peer reviewed academic research on democracy, inequality, AIDS prevention and developing country economics. He graduated from Cornell’s School of Engineering and received an MBA from UCLA. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Herald Tribune, The New Republic, the Huffington Post and and he has appeared on television as a financial expert on CNN, Fox News, CNBC, CSPAN, MSNBC and CBS as well as on hundreds of radio programs.

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